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The Green Party is proud to have co-leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay who are standing to become MPs in Bristol and Suffolk.

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A message from Caroline Lucas

In 2010, when I first stood to be a Member of Parliament, we asked the people of Brighton Pavilion to take a risk and put their trust in a new kind of politics. And on the day of the General Election, 13 years ago, 16,238 did exactly that – and with the election of Britain’s first ever Green MP, together we made history.

It has been the privilege of my life to serve Brighton Pavilion ever since – and to see my majority increase at each of the subsequent three General Elections. I love this city and its people, and I know how incredibly blessed I’ve been to represent this community, to call it home.

And I love the Green Party too – I know without a doubt that this amazing opportunity to stand up in Parliament for our shared values, to hold this government to account, has only been possible because of you. You are the ones that knock on doors, debate our policies, deliver the leaflets, fund our campaigns and keep the hope strong. You have always had my back.

But the particular responsibilities of being the Green Party’s sole MP, coupled with my commitment to doing the very best for my constituents, has impacted on my ability to focus as much as I would like on the existential challenges that drive me – the Nature and Climate emergencies. And as these threats to our precious planet become ever more urgent, I now want to concentrate more fully on these accelerating crises. I have therefore decided not to stand again as an MP at the next election.

The reason I came into politics was to change things, and my determination to do that is stronger than ever, as well as my belief in the power of elected Greens. I have always been an activist as well as a politician – as those who witnessed my arrest, court case and acquittal over peaceful protest at the fracking site in Balcombe nearly ten years ago will recall. And when I think of the Party’s potential and all that’s to come, I am as hopeful and positive as ever. So I look forward to having the time to explore ever more imaginative and creative ways of helping make a better future, alongside the Party.

For now though, my strongest emotion is deep gratitude. To everyone who put their faith in me. Everyone who chose the politics of hope above the politics of fear. On election night 2010, I pledged that I would do my very best to do you proud. I can only hope that you will judge that that is what I have done.

With love and gratitude,


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